Painlessly send torrents to your bittorrent client.

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Install | View Source ![]( ![]( This script let's you send torrents straight to your download client with a single button!


qBittorrent, Transmission, Deluge, ruTorrent, and Flood (this lets you use anything flood supports) are supported, if you want to see your client added leave a comment.

Supported sites:

Gazelle: PTP, GGn, AB, OPS, GPW, RED, JPS, TVV, Sugoi Music, iAnon, AR, UHDB, MTV, EMP, BTN, SC (Some of these are untested an may not work, please report so)

UNIT3D: BLU, Aither, DT, Telly, TS, BHD (F3NIX fork)

Others: TorrentLeech, AnilistBytes script


2.3.1 - Fixed a bug that killed the whole extension

2.3.0 - Extended ST button - let's you pick the profile on each torrent seperatly

2.2.5 - BHD support

2.2.4 - ruTorrent support

2.2.3 - KG support, minor code cleanup

2.2.2 - The script now only injects on sites, where it actually works.

2.2.1 - Added ability to pin profiles to sites, added support for TL

2.2.0 - (qbit) Categories support!

2.1.2 - Make FST Smarter - don't show on sites without FL, add need to accept

2.1.1 - Added FST (Freeleech & Send) to Gazelle

2.1.0 - UNIT3D support! - currently supported: BLU, Aither, DT, JPTV, Telly, TS

2.0.2 - Added DB9, SC, BTN

2.0.1 - Add support for AnilistBytes (my other AB specific UserScript)

2.0.0 - Huge update, the userscript is now detached from AB and works on most Gazelle based trackers! this change is breaking and you will need to configure the script from scratch. The source code was also moved to gihtub as i now use a more complicated workflow

Previous versions (For animebytes only): [1.4.3]( - fixed fixed an issue on OPS [1.4.2]( - fixed an issue on OPS [1.4.1]( - Added support for multiple other trackers, settings still reside here for now [1.4]( - Added support for Deluge [1.3]( - Added support for Flood [1.2]( - Added transmission support he script now let's specify the save path [1.1]( - Hotfix for compatibility with AnilistBytes [1.0]( - Original release