YouTube Player Controls 1.3.3 fork July 2023 set video quality / resolution bugfix

Fork of YouTube Player Controls 1.3.3 by Costas . Fill window, stretch video, float video, set HD 4K 8K resolution, click skip ads, click show more, hide ads and annotations, loop, pause at start/end

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Posted: 2023-06-01

This Is To Hopefully Get This Creators Attention, Since I Cannot Parse HTML Well. For Some Reason The Gear Is No Longer Visible And It May Be Because Of A Youtube Update. I Do Wish For This Extension To Work Again But I Can't Parse Through The Code Or Figure Out What Is Actually Happening And Why Its Not Appearing. Im A Java Coder Not HTML Coder xD

Original Mod Maker, If You Could Fix It It Would Mean The World To Me. You Obviously Know Your Way Around HTML Better. So If You Could Fix The Gear Not Appearing That Would Be Amazing! Ty For Giving A Good Mod And I Hope To See It Working Again.

Posted: 2023-06-01

This Is A Screenshot From The Console It Seems Something Did Update In Youtube To Make The Script Stop Working As Intended, Im Not Sure How This Should Be Fixed But The Main Issue Seems To Be The Functions(I Think They Are Functions), RemoveAttribute, And SetAttribute

Posted: 2023-06-01

Thanks a lot for the bug report, the screenshot is helpful.

> gear not appearing
pls tryout, it ignores non-exist element.

> because of a youtube update
I think you're right, there're reports of ui update, seems is a/b testing: sending and analyzing different versions to selected visitors these few weeks,
some code written by original userscript author targets the DIV id=content, which may not exist in the version served to you, calling func on a non-exist element might have halted exec altogether.
js is loosely typed, this kind of error handling is usually skipped by coder to facilitate quick dev.

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