Discord Nitrolen: A Free Client-Based Nitro script

Basically Free Nitro. Join my server for updates: https://discord.gg/kS7P7gRZcg

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*Version V2 has been released. It has one (there are actually two but the second one applies more to this one) downside which is stated in the "NOTE" in its description: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/473144-discord-nitrolen-v2-a-free-auto-embedding-nitro-script

Discord Nitrolen: A script to automatically replace :bigsob: with a base64 encoded gif. You can add other custom ones yourself with basic JS knowledge.

Edited messages will not be visible (the edited content).
See end of code if you wish to change it (the interval of the function)

Note 1: This is Client-Based. In simple words, if your friend does not have it installed, only you would see the emote. So your friend must install it as well.

Note 2: You will be unable to highlight messages with your cursor as due to the HTML being constantly checked and updated (with or without changes), the highlighted text will automatically be deselected. However, you can copy messages by clicking on the 3 dots seen upon hovering your cursor over the message and clicking "Copy Text" (in-built Discord feature).

Join my server for updates: https://discord.gg/kS7P7gRZcg

Due to confusion, I have answered some questions about the script:

Q. Will everyone see the emoji?
A. No, only those with the script will see the :bigsob: emoji. If custom ones added, you must share the edited script with people you want the emojis to be visible to. Others, who don't have (your version of) the script will not see the emoji, only the literal text will be visible and they might get confused.

Q. How does it work?
A. This script doesn't let you use nitro literally, instead it allows you to create your own emoji's and share your version with added emoji's with your friends so you guys can see each other's emojis. You need basic knowledge of JavaScript to implement this in my script.

Q. I have JavaScript knowledge, how do I do it?
A. You will see the text :bigsob: being replaced by a gif emoji. In my script you can find the code for this and add another text to be replaced by a gif emoji. The gif has to be base64 encoded to avoid network delays and CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) restrictions, which although can be bypassed with an extension (Access-Control-Allow-Origin), won't be the best option for many.

Q. How do I make it so edited messages are visible?
A. Change the interval at the bottom of my script to 1000 (ms).

This should be used for educational purposes only. Support Discord by paying for Nitro to get the smoothest experience with all features!