Generate table of contents for any website. By default, it is not open. You need to go to the plug-in menu to open the switch for the website that wants to open the toc. The plug-in will remember this switch, and the toc will be generated automatically according to the switch when you open the website the next time.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2023-02-17


Posted: 2023-03-02

有考虑过, 不晓得设置为哪个快捷键比较适合-_-
你想要的快捷键是快速关闭和快速展开之类的是吗? 其实我提供了插件菜单里为想要打开 toc 的网站开启开关以及是否自动展开, 是根据每个网站会记忆是否打开&位置&是否自动展开的

Posted: 2023-03-25

增加了两个 高级技巧:

  • 单击 TOC拖动栏 可以自动折叠 TOC
  • 双击 TOC拖动栏 可以关闭 TOC

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