Unhold YouTube Resource Locks

Release YouTube's used IndexDBs & Disable WebLock to make background tabs able to sleep

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Script Description generated by ChatGPT

This userscript is specifically designed for YouTube to improve your browser's performance. It optimizes the way YouTube uses resources, especially when YouTube tabs are in the background.

The script primarily works with two technologies, IndexDB and WebLock. YouTube utilizes IndexDB, a low-level API for storing significant amounts of structured data, and keeps these databases open continuously. Our script strategically closes these databases when a YouTube tab is not active, thus freeing up resources. It also disables WebLock, an experimental technology designed to prevent simultaneous access to the same resources, eliminating any unnecessary resource locks.

While this script operates in the background, it logs actions to the console for visibility and begins running as soon as a YouTube page opens. Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera browsers, it can be installed using a userscript manager like Tampermonkey.

It's important to note that this script doesn't compromise YouTube's functionality. Instead, it aims to ensure that YouTube becomes less resource-intensive, especially when multiple tabs are open.


This is a Userscript to fix the issues that YouTube native coding does not release the IndexedDBs after using, and disable the experimental WebLock which is useless for YouTube application.

This prevents Tab Discard feature introduced in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.
After installing this, the background tabs can be able to sleep to save resources.

Note 1. Please wait 1 minute to see the unlocking!
Note 2. Not working for page with expanded live chat.



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