Immersive Translate

Web bilingual translation, completely free to use, supports Deepl/Google/Bing/Tencent/Youdao, etc.

Owen Young and Immersive Translate
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Due to the adjustment of our strategy, the immersive translation script will no longer be updated on Greasy Fork in the future, and the historical version will always be kept here, and you can still download and use it at any time.

Please click the following link: to download and use the latest version of the oil monkey script.


  • Intelligent identification of the main content area of the web page, unlike similar plug-ins that translate all areas of the entire web page, which greatly enhances the reading experience of the translated web page. Similar to the browser's immersive reading mode, so the extension is named "Immersive Translation"
  • Bilingual display with Chinese/English cross-reference (split by paragraph, or customize paragraph length to automatically line break each sentence for long paragraphs)
  • Customized and optimized for common websites, such as Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Gmail, Telegram, Youtube, Hacker News, etc. These websites are not regular content sites, so after customization and optimization, the translation area is very smart
  • Support 10+ common translation services, including Deepl, Google, Tencent Translator, Volcano Translator, Caiyun Small Translation, etc.
  • Bilingual translation support for PDF files(Only for Chrome/Firefox Extension)
  • Bilingual reading of foreign e-books can be realized with epub online reading sites
  • Multiple translation styles to choose from, personalize your translation experience