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Ugoira Animations


"Novels are not affected, and the titles of ugoira animations just link to the mode=medium page (as do all other titles until the direct links are determined)."

You can determine the ugoira animations using the api. Too lazy to write it clean explanation but I am sure you can understand the code below. Extracted from latest Pixiv++ (currently partially broken due to Pixiv site changes).

var baseURL = datalist["illust480URL"];
baseURL = baseURL.replace(/(\/mobile\/)([^\/]+)$/gi, "/$2"); //Remove "Mobile" if one exists
metadata.illustBaseURL = baseURL.replace(/(\/\d+)[^\/]+\.(jpe?g|gif|png)(\?\d+)?$/gi, "$1." + datalist.illustExt); //Remove extra information
if (metadata.illustType == 3) //Ugoira
   metadata.illustBaseURL = metadata.illustBaseURL.replace(/\/c\/\d+x\d+\/img-master\/(.+\/\d+)\..+/i, "/img-zip-ugoira/$1_ugoira1920x1080.zip");
I was aware of the possibility from following the Danbooru thread, but I chose not to look into it out of dislike for the format. The zip file doesn't capture the variable frame delay information anyway.
It is an awful format. Thanks for sharing the useful link.

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