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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2022-10-21

Thanks Burn for making this script.
Two requests:
1) If it is possible to make this script work when opening links in new tab.
2) If some sort of small button or something similar can be added on clicking which, it will take me to the snippet... as sometimes we will not want to go to the snippet right! Something which was done in the extension I linked, here: (I have attached it also)
Anyways, great work!

Chrome 106
Tampermonkey 4.18.0

Posted: 2022-10-21

Hi, thanks for your feedback.

I've successfully tested my userscript when the page is opened in new tab and new browser page.

Please be aware that, when opening the new tab or new browser page through contextual menu (right click on link, choose "open link in new tab / new page"), my userscript won't work. You have to open a new tab using ctrl + click or open a new browser page with shift + click. Let me know if this way the userscript is working.

Posted: 2022-10-21
Edited: 2022-10-21

It works! Thanks!

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