Geoguessr Custom Emotes

Allows you to use many custom emotes and some commands in the Geoguessr chat

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Allows you to use many custom emotes in the Geoguessr chat. Simply write the emote name in the chatbox and when you send the message, the emote will replace the name.

Custom emotes can only be seen by other people who also have this script (version at least 2.0.0).

You can see the full list of emotes (including the emote names that should be used in the chat box) here:

Anyone can request to add an emote to this list by sending me a DM, victheturtle#5159 on Discord.
Please send me the name you want it to have as well as a PNG image of the emote.
Adding an emote will immediately enable everyone to see it, without the need for people to download an updated script.

Since version 2.1.0, commands are also bundled with this script. The following commands are implemented:
/ban [nickname] to ban that player from your party (only works if you are the host)
/unban [nickname]
/mute [nickname] to replace all future messages of that player with "[Muted]" on your end (doesn't affect what other people see)
/unmute [nickname]
/check [nickname] to open the profile page of that player in a new tab (only on your browser)
/eiffel to automatically guess on the Eiffel tower (only you)

Note that everyone can see the commands you write.

Since version 2.2.0, you can also select 6 "favourite" custom (or normal) emotes to put directly under the chat box for quick access. Clicking on one of them will immediately send a message with just that emote. You can send as many such messages as you want, there is no spam protection for them.