Anime list total time - MAL

Shows the total amount of time you will take to watch all entries on your anime list.

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*Works on Kiwi browser or any mobile browser that lets you install userscripts and/or tampermoney.
This script;
Uses the Official MAL API.
Works on any anime lists of any users!
Instantaneously shows the results for up to 1250 entries.

Now you can know how long you or your friends will take to finish watching their whole anime list, or how long you and they would take to finish watching a specific anime status!

On a profile page click on the Anime Stats status total entries number of your choice and the script will tell you how long the process will take to end!

The Anime Stats header title text will be gradually updated with the new days hours and minutes the script calculates based on all entries in the status you clicked on! It also shows the Total Entries Processed: number on mouse hover.

When the whole calculus process ends the script adds a checkmark ✔️ emoji after the total amount of days hours and minutes it will take you to finish completing the status you clicked on.

*Is compatible with the script "MAL Summary+Profile Stats With Percentages + Hours".

*This script is a network-based script, so make sure your internet is reliable and your laptop won't change to another Wi-Fi network during the process!

*After the checkmark emoji ✔️ or 100% shows up you can already click on another status total entries number of your choice and the script will restart the whole calculus process for the new status!

*The script shows 100% complete but doesn't add the checkmark if there was an issue with any entries, so it only adds the checkmark if the total processed entries are the same as the status total entries.