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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2023-04-01
Edited: 2023-04-01

Love this script, but it likes inputting the annoying symbols in searches, do you mind adding this to all your cases:

appName = appName.replace(/®|™/g, '');

For reference, it should look like this once you've added it:

switch (storePageResult) {
    case "GOG":
        appName = document.getElementsByClassName("productcard-basics__title")[0].textContent;
        appName = appName.replace(/®|™/g, '');
        pirateLinks.forEach((e) => {
            $("button.cart-button")[0].parentElement.parentElement.append(rigGOG(e.url + appName + e.urlSpecial, e.title))
    // cases for other stores...

Keep up the great work, boss

Edit: Kinda like this icon: https://vectorified.com/images/pirate-bay-icon-28.png | Makes the script feel less bloated too.

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