fsfb scripts

a script for agma.io with features such as Copy Chat, Linesplit Toggle, Anti-AFK, Show Portal Mass, Change Food/Virus Color, and more!

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An Agma.io script with features such as:

  • Fast onesplit (with customizable timings)
  • Fast doublesplit (with customizable timings)
  • Extra bot packs (300 bots 72 hr, 100xxl 24 hr, etc)
  • Linesplit lock in all cardinal directions
  • Show the predicted amount of times a portal has been fed
  • Show where powerups/minion pack respawn on the map
  • Change the color of food, viruses, and mothercells
  • Attempts to prevent disconnecting from inactivity
  • Toggle slow feed (along with custom feed speed) to feed gold blocks at a slower rate
  • Cursor lock toggle (even when tab is unfocused)
  • Quick buy items in shop without ever opening menu
  • Hide both video and image advertisements from being shown
  • Show the time remaining for 24 hour abilities
  • In depth coin/XP statistics
  • Show cells that are invisible
  • Chat copy, cut, and paste
  • Change page title to display the account logged in
  • Hide megaphone shouts
  • Hold to spam recombine/speed powerups
  • Render cells with spikes from infection mode
  • Show mass of all cells (when not in spectator mode)
  • Show only your skin (hide everyone else's)
  • Show only your name (hide everyone else's)
  • Show only your and your party's skins (hide everyone else's)
  • Show only your and your party's names (hide everyone else's)
  • Shoot 7 ejected mass with a hotkey
  • Hold key to macrosplit bots
  • Press key to hide agma's UI
  • Quickly change agma's settings by pressing hotkeys
  • Change the size of the powerup inventory
  • Export all agma setting & all script settings
  • Import all agma settings & all script settings
  • Automatically sort wearables by showing the ones you own before everything else
  • Copy player's skin ID/nickname when clicking on their skin/name after opening context menu
  • Copy all visible chat messages to clipboard
  • Unlock all of agma's free skins (YT sub or FB like usually required)
  • Hover skins in the menu to show their skin ID
  • Show XP bar decimal up to the hundredths place
  • Render a white border for black cells so they are easier to spot with a black background
  • Put all powerups on a single row instead of having 2 rows
  • A few custom backgrounds images
  • ... and more!