Telegram Media Downloader

Used to download images, GIFs, videos and voice messages on Telegram webapp even from channels restricting downloading and saving content

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Telegram Media Downloader

A Tampermonkey script allowing you to download images, GIFs and videos from Telegram webapp even if the channel disables downloading and restricts saving content.

How to Use

This script only works on Telegram Webapp.

For channels and chats that allow saving content, this script will have no effect. Please just use the official download button provided by the telegram webapp instead.

For channels and chats that disable downloading and restrict saving content, this script will add the download button back for images, GIFs, videos, and voice messages.

Image Download Button GIF Download Button Video Download Button

The script will silently download files in background, and only after it finishes downloading the entire file the browser will then save the file locally. Therefore, if you are downloading a large video, it's normal that you see nothing happening for a quite a while before the browser starts downloading. To check the downloading progress, refer to the following instructions.

Supported Webapp Versions

There are 2 different versions of telegram webapps:

This script should work on both versions of webapp. If you are using another different version of webapp and find this script does not work, please raise an issue to our GitHub repo.

Check Downloading Progress

If you would like to check the current downloading progress, you can open browser DevTools -> console and check the text output. Console Output of Downloading Progress

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If you have any issue using this script, please reach out to our GitHub page and start an issue.