YouTube Clickbait-Buster

Check whether it's worth watching a video before actually clicking on it by peeking it's visual or verbal content, description, comments, viewing the thumbnail in full-size and displaying the full title. Works on both YouTube's desktop and mobile layouts, and is also compatible with dark theme.

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Review: Good - script works

Broke on new youtube layout update - Ambient Mode Update


Posted: 2022-10-29

FYI: you can give feedback without having to give a bad review. This new YouTube UI has been rolled out only to a small set of users, it's not official yet. I'll adapt it when possible.

Posted: 2022-10-29
Edited: 2022-10-29

I tested here in the new design and it seems to be working fine. Did that happen just that time or always happens? Did you try refreshing the page when that happened?

Bad (means script does not work at the time)
If it Fixed or Works again I'll changed it to Good

I messed up my script and broke urs, sorry about that. Yours work just fine.

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