Perpetual pages - powerful auto-pager script. Auto loading next paginated web pages and inserting into current page. Support thousands of web sites without any rule.

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IMPORTANT! Refresh and click👇 to import base rules, or open config page after install at first.

Open source work is not a service. Go to github for feedback, not here.

【⚙Config page】 【🔧Config page backup(for restricted environment)】 【📖Wiki & Rules guide


:-) Just give it a try to feel how powerful it is

Auto loading paginated web pages for millions even 90% of all sites like google, forums, manga sites and others WITHOUT ANY RULES under most circumstances while turning page with browser.

  • Do not find selector of page element anymore !
  • Do not follow every update and modify your rule for every site anymore !
  • All are automatic !

Fully open source without any privacy collection, spam or third-party libraries. Just a personal work, maybe not suit you and won't provide support.

You can also configure your own rules for any site on config page easily.
Rules example

Seek help from Discord group

If you think it works well, I will be happy if you can recommend it to your friends. The popularity of the software is crucial to its growth (which is also a source of motivation for the developers :D and brings in more participants).

  • Double-click on the blank space or click the paging bar to pause the page turning, you can change the "Opacity" to 0 on the configuration page to hide the paging bar to achieve seamless splicing.

  • If you prefer the pre-reading acceleration of Super-preloader, you can check "Preload next page for speeding up" in the settings.

  • The default mode is blacklist, uncheck "Auto run (black list mode)" to enable whitelist mode.

  • If there is no pictures or previews after the smart rule works, you can click "Force to join" without thinking. When you choose to "Join full body of page", all the content of the page will be joined, otherwise the main content found by the intelligent rule will be joined.

  • All these can be modified on config page.

  • Slide your scroll wheel to automatically load the next page

  • As smooth as DOVE

640-min.gif autopager

Test with:

  • Greasemonkey on Waterfox
  • Violentmonkey on Firefox
  • Tampermonkey on Chrome
  • Userscripts on ios Safari
  • KiWiBrowser on Android

I hate Adam Smasher so fucking much!

Send me an e-mail if you have any question.

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Compared with the Super-preloader of Ywzhaiqi, AutoPagerize and other software, Pagetual's biggest feature is that it can be compatible with 90% of the websites on the Internet without rules, and it is completely self-driven.
Finding the next page (based on the Picviewer CE+ I wrote), finding the main frame (based on the novel downloader I wrote), and finding the insertion point are all done automatically.
Naturally, it also avoids the trouble of chasing new ones caused by domain updates or website revisions.

As for the remaining 10%, Pagetual has built-in rules for 3,800 websites in wedata, and will continue to add new rules.

The Pagetual also has powerful custom rules, and supports custom rule LINK IMPORT and rule HOT UPDATE in two formats (wedata format and Pagetual format).