Ikariam Enhanced UI

Enhancements for the user interface of Ikariam.

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I don't play Ikariam anymore. Thus, I don't plan to provide any updates for this script in the future. If it breaks, it breaks. If you would like to provide fixes / updates for the script, then please fork it and update it.

The (archived) GitHub repository with the full source code can be found here: https://github.com/IkaScripts/IkariamEnhancedUI

"Ikariam Enhanced UI" is a Greasemonkey script which brings some enhancements for the user interface of Ikariam. It is possible to run the script in both versions (mobile & desktop), but not all funtions can be used in both versions. The scripts functions are organized in modules so you are able to enable or disable a single funtion of the script.

Table of contents

  • Features
  • Versions


  • Options (always activated) Depending on the game version either a new tab in the options panel is created (desktop) or a field is added to the game options tab (mobile). It contains the possibility to activate / deactivate single modules or change the other script settings. New modules are activated by default.

  • Multilingual (always activated) Depending on the game language the script language is adjusted. At this moment there are three languages (German, English and Latvian) supported. If your language is not supported you will see the English texts. To change this you may sent me the translation for your language.

  • Updater (deactivatable) The updater in Ikariam style has the possibility to be activated / deactivated. If it is activated you can set a interval between 1 hour and 4 weeks to search for updates. The default interval is 1 hour. If you do not want to install an update you can prohibit that the popup for this version shows up again. Also there is a link to search for updates manually. If you click on this link you will get a notice even if you hide this update before. The updater will not install any changes without your explicit confirmation in the addon screen. It is only used for notifying you about new updates and the changelog of the update.

  • Show income on top (deactivatable) If this module is activated, the actual income is also shown on top of the bilance view. Also it shows the income per day.

  • Short income reduction table (deactivatable) You can choose if you would like to have a short income reduction table for better overview. The old tables are also shown, but folded. They have a button to expand them.

  • Show missing resources (deactivatable) It is annoying to be forced to calculate everytime the missing resources for a building upgrade. With this feature, all missing resources will be shown directly in the upgrade or construction view. Also it is possible to show the remaining resources after the upgrade. This funtion can be switched on and off indipendently from the missing resources. Furthermore you can choose if the remaining resources should be shown in green or as normal text.

  • Actual income in town view (deactivatable) Every time you wanted to know what your actual income is, you were forced to move over the resource symbol. For your wine consumption there was the need to check the tavern. Now you can see this information directly in town view. For better clearance it is possible to choose between three different styles. As bonus the daily income is also available in the production popup.

  • Filling level of warehouse (deactivatable) A bar showing the actual filling level of the warehouse graphically is added. So you can easily see if your warehouse gets full in the next time. Also it is possible to show the resources in the branch office in this bar. You can choose between three different bar styles.

  • Easy ressource links (deactivatable) For easy access to sawmill, vineyard, quarry, crystal mine, sulfur pit and town hall, the buildings of the actual selected town are linked to the number of resources.

  • Zooming function (deactivatable) The zooming function uses the Ikariam zooming function to scale the town and city view, but also you can scale the world view. It is possible to zoom up to 150% and to let banners and symbols in normal size, if wanted. The smallest possible size is set in a way to be sure that the view is not smaller than the window. The zoom factor is stored in the browser so that you must not zoom on every login. It is possible to zoom in three ways. First you can set the factor in the settings. Also the function adds buttons to the right upper corner to zoom easy in the view. Lastly the zooming per scrolling is activated. But now it is possible to set a key which must be pressed while scrolling to zoom. The default key is Control (ctrl).

  • Message signature (deactivatable) It is possible to add a global or a local signature automatically to each message. You can set the global signature once and overwrite it with local signatures if wanted.

  • Embed message in overview (deactivatable) The first 60 characters of a message are displayed below the subject directly in the inbox / outbox.

  • Clickable links (deactivatable) If you receive a message, links are not clickable. This feature recognizes such links, allows you to click them and - after asking you a security question - it opens the link in a new browser tab.

  • Show colonizing cities (deactivatable) You are in a war and a new city is colonizing. No one nows who is coming. Now this is as easy as watching the information of another city - just one click and you have all information you need.

  • Alliance member highscore information (deactivatable, default deactivated) You are the leader of an alliance and you want to know the amount of points your member gained in the last days? The you can activate this feature. It allows you to store the number of points and the highscore place of your members and to compare it in the future - for each highscore on each server.

  • Troop information (deactivatable) For a simplified sharing of the number of troops in a town, a list with htis information can be copied to use it in forums or personal messages. At the moment this feature is only available in the troop overview of own towns.

  • Show tooltips automatically (deactivatable) The tooltips in military view and member view in embassy and diplomacy advisor are only shown if you click on them at the moment. This feature changes this setting to show them on mouseover.

  • Move loading circle (deactivatable) Moves the loading circle from the middle of he page to the position bar (breadcrumb). Very handy if you have opened the chat.

  • Hide bird animation (deactivatable) If the bird animation annoys you, it is possible to hide it without hiding other animations.

  • Don't center town information in town advisor. (deactivatable) With version 0.5.0 of ikariam the css has been changed. Now the town information in the town advisor are centered vertically. This feature adds a little piece of css code to bind the town information on top as it was before.


  • Version 4.2 - 10.02.2019

    • Core: Update to Version 3.2.1 - Greasy Fork prohibits update check intervals smaller than 24 hours
    • Core: Update to Version 3.2.1 - Include all translations in the script and remove external dependencies for translations
    • Language: Include all translations in the script and remove external dependencies for translations
    • Language: Update Russian translation
  • Version - 14.11.2017

    • Core: Update to Version - Fix issue with Greasemonkey 4.0 and incorrect link to translation files
    • Language: Update Greek translation.
  • Version 4.1 - 12.11.2017

    • Core: Update to Version 3.1 - Support translations in Greasemonkey 4.0
  • Version 4.0 - 10.11.2017

    • Core: Update to Version 3.0 - Adjust to work with Greasemonkey 4.0 and Firefox 57
    • Change: Adjust the script to work with Greasemonkey 4.0 and Firefox 57.
    • Bugfix: Global messages break embedded messages preview.
    • Bugfix: Formatting of income table was changed.
  • Version 3.4 - 19.02.2017

    • Core: Update to Version 2.3.3 - Bug fix (crew conversion broken)
    • Feature: Up to 60 characters of messages are displayed in the message overview.
    • Feature: Link barracks / shipyard from troop overview / dismiss units screen.
    • Bugfix: No jumping header bar anymore due to MMO links.
    • Bugfix: Troop information was displayed incorrectly.
  • Version 3.3 - 05.06.2016

    • Feature: Add @connect information to avoid requests from Tampermonkey.
    • Feature: Daily expenses in resource information if amount is negative.
    • Bugfix: Tooltip formatting for resource information broken.
    • Bugfix: Formatting of direct tooltip in military advisor broken.
    • Bugfix: Foreign troops are incorrect displayed in troop information.
  • Version 3.2.2 - 02.02.2016

    • Core: Update to Version 2.3.2 - Bug fix (permanent reload of crew conversion)
  • Version 3.2.1 - 27.01.2016

    • Core: Update to Version 2.3.1 - Bug fixes
  • Version 3.2 - 27.01.2016

    • Language: French translation added (incomplete).
    • Feature: Let the script also run on SSL encripted Ikariam page.
    • Bugfix: In very rare cases it was possible that the script was to fast and thus did not work.
    • Core: Update to Version 2.3 - Bug fixes
  • Version 3.1 - 14.10.2015

    • Language: Turkish translation added (incomplete).
    • Feature: Player specific signatures in messages.
    • Change: Remove easy circular message functionality as it is implemented directly in Ikariam now.
    • Core: Update to Version 2.2 - Bug fixes and user specific options
  • Version 3.0.3 - 20.03.2015

    • Bugfix: Town name in unit information incorrect.
  • Version 3.0.2 - 08.03.2015

    • Bugfix: Wrong time display for last reset of highscore information.
    • Bugfix: Start piracy raid icon was resized.
  • Version 3.0.1 - 07.03.2015

    • Language: Updated Greek translation.
    • Bugfix: Language key in message options.
    • Bugfix: Alliance member data stored at same place for all alliance members.
  • Version 3.0 - 05.03.2015

    • Language: Russian translation added (incomplete).
    • Language: Italian translation added (incomplete).
    • Language: Greek translation added (incomplete).
    • Change: Implementation of Ikariam Core - rewrote the complete code.
    • Change: Cleared the update history to use the Ikariam Core labels.
    • Bugfix: Diverse graphic errors.
    • Bugfix: Broken in Firefox and Chrome.
    • Due to rename of script: Manually deleting old script necessary.
  • Version 2.6 - 12.10.2014

    • Bugfix: Script options were broken.
  • Version 2.5 - 19.08.2014

    • Bugfix: Game language is recognized again.
    • Bugfix: Works now in Greasemonkey 2.0+
    • Change: Checks now for updates on Greasy Fork.
    • Removed code parts for mobile version.
    • Removed alliance page improvement, as fixed in Ikariam v0.5.13
  • Version 2.4 - 11.09.2013

    • Bugfix: New Ikariam domain -> script can now be used with this domain
  • Version 2.3 - 12.04.2013

    • Feature: Formatting troop lists for posting in forums / personal messages.
    • Feature: Filling level of warehouse as bar in town view.
    • Feature: Link to mines / town hall when clicking on resources / citizens.
    • Change: New versioning system.
    • Bugfix: Some characters in links were not decoded correctly.
    • Bugfix: Watching a foreign city causes a abortion of the script.
    • Bugfix: The city dropdown sometimes was zoomed in world view.
    • Bugfix: Removed obsolete CSS styles for Firefox.
    • Adjustments in the language files.
    • Violent Monkey brings Greasemonkey functions to Opera.
  • Version 2.2.1 - 11.10.2012

    • Feature: Smaller icons in direct military tooltip.
    • Bugfix: Problems with update check and version numbers >= 10.
    • Bugfix: Problems with another script.
    • Bugfix: Problems with a wrong style in island view.
  • Version 2.2 - 10.10.2012

    • Feature: Message signature can be set.
    • Feature: Button for faster sending of circular messages.
    • Feature: Make links in messages clickable.
    • Feature: Show town information of colonizing cities.
    • Feature: Information about cargo / fleets is displayed directly in military view.
    • Feature: Script options: Sections on the script tab can be folded.
    • Bugfix: Tooltips with mouseover were not clickable anymore.
    • Changes in code for better overview.
  • Version 2.1.1 - 01.10.2012

    • Feature: Different styles for income in town view.
    • Feature: Remaining resources after upgrade.
    • Feature: Improved style for external alliance pages.
    • Feature: Refresh the missing / remaining resources in construction view automatically.
  • Version 2.1 - 23.09.2012

    • Feature: Show the missing resources in construction view.
    • Feature: Show the hourly income directly in town view and add the daily production as popup.
    • Feature: Don't center town information in the town advisor.
    • Feature: Save the highscore data of alliance members and compare it with the actual value.
    • Bugfix: There was an error with a missing language package and seperators.
    • Bugfix: Some things in worldview were not resized correctly.
    • Prevent more than one script execution.
    • Prevent more than one script option panel (the script option panel now is usable for other scripts, too).
  • Version 2.0.1 - 27.08.2012

    • Bugfix: Zooming was broken.
    • Bugfix: Dropdown menus created by the script were broken.
    • Bugfix: Tooltips in in alliance / military view were not shown correctly.
  • Version 2.0 - 18.07.2012

    • Language: Latvian translation
    • Feature: Cross-browser compatibility. (Firefox, Chrome, Opera)
    • Feature: Possibility to hide the update hint for a new script version. (mobile & desktop)
    • Bugfix: Resizing the owner state in world view was broken. (desktop)
    • Some changes in the code for easier copying of functions which should be used by more than one script.
  • Version 1.7 - 12.06.2012

    • Feature: Resizing banners when zooming is possible in city view, too.
    • Feature: The zoom buttons are available in world view, too.
    • Feature: Zooming with the mouse scroll is possible again (now with key, standard is ctrl).
    • Change: Changes in the option panel due to the new zooming function features.
    • Bugfix: If resizing is enabled, zooming with the buttons will resize the banners, too.
    • Bugfix: The chat will not cause to much executions of script functions.
    • The language texts are integrated as resources, so that there is shorter code.
    • Replace the GM_ functions by myGM.* to expand them easy and add new.*
  • Version 1.6 - 05.06.2012

    • Feature: Possibility to hide only the bird swarm animation.
    • Feature: Easier upkeep reduction table.
    • Feature: Enhanced zoom function using the Ikariam zoom function.
    • Due to the use of Ikariam functions the code could be reduced.
    • Code enhancements for shorter code.
  • Version - 25.05.2012

    • Bugfix: Not all occurrences of hidden were changed.
  • Version 1.5.1 - 24.05.2012

    • Bugfix: Name of a class (hidden) is used by GF.
  • Version 1.5 - 24.05.2012

    • Feature: Options panel to enable/disable funtions and set settings.
    • Feature: Update interval can be set.
    • Feature: Manually check for updates.
    • Feature: Zoom funtion without resizing the whole view.
    • Feature: Move loading circle to another position.
    • Feature: Show tooltip in Alliance / Military view on mouseover.
    • Change: Code better commented. More comments, so that it is easier to understand.
    • Bugfix: Changed *.gif to *.png.
    • Version numbers adjusted.
  • Version 1.4.1 - 01.05.2012

    • Feature: Support for mobile interface.
    • Bugfix: Fixed bug with scrollbar in finances view.
  • Version 1.4 - 20.04.2012

    • Feature: Ready for version 0.5.0, but also supports version 0.4.5 furthermore.
    • Feature: Implemented support for different languages.
    • Feature: Enhanced script updater.
    • Change: Cleaned up code.
    • Change: Rename the Script to "Enhanced UI".
    • Change: Change the namespace to "Tobbe".
    • Because of the change of namespace and name you have to delete the old script manually!
  • Version 1.3.3 - 11.04.2011

    • Bugfix: Problem with negative numbers and version fixed.
  • Version 1.3.2 - 15.01.2011

    • Feature: Own script updater.
    • Change: Remove everything what refered to other scripts.
  • Version 1.3.1 - 15.01.2011

    • Change: New script updater.
  • Version 1.3 - 14.01.2011

    • Change: Remove the script updater. (Because of the problem with Greasemonkey scripts.)
  • Version 1.2.1 - 28.12.2010

    • Change: New style of update panel.
    • Bugfix: Bug with ',' as seperator fixed.
  • Version 1.2 - 09.10.2010

    • Feature: Income in 24h added.
    • Change: Cleaned up code.
  • Version 1.1 - 13.04.2010

    • Feature: Update check implemented.
  • Version 1.0 - 13.04.2010

    • Initial release.