GitHub Red Issues

Turns the issue color of closed issues from purple back to red - back reddish color icon for closed github issues.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2021-10-30

You, sir, deserve a medal! Just recently, I was ranting the hell out about it. I was not disappointed installing Violentmonkey and your script 😁 Doesn't mean that we should stay silent about this problem though. GitHub can't simply bullshit us with such nonsensical updates as coloring closed issues as merged PRs. Like, wtf? What daemon did this? It's a conspiracy against valid issues sent to VSCode and other repos claimed by MS, to heckin' brainwash everyone into thinking their voice is heard but actually not. I must say these kinds of people that close tickets just for the sake of closing them are the lazy and twisted barbarians!

Posted: 2021-12-21

See also for have latest version without remove oldie with customized settings.

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