[TS] Citrus GFork

NOW with version number in Listing!! Advance table view for Greasy Fork. Fixes display bugs. 100 scripts display at a time, favoured user count, remembers last sort order used on Script Listing, "My" Profile Listing, and third Party Listing. Able to distinguish between, Library, Unlisted and Deleted scripts using text icons. Beside FireFox, it now supports Opera and Chrome.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2020-12-09
Edited: 2020-12-09

Some change in GreasyFork site broke the script.

If you want a temporary fix (before its author come back to us), try :
Unofficial fix of the "Citrus GFork" script

Here its raw page:
[TS] Citrus GFork v.1.1.49 - Unofficial fix by Konf [PasteBin - Raw]

Just edit the script and copy/paste the code provided by Konf.

Read in the forum:
Help to fix "[TS] Citrus GFork"

Posted: 2021-12-18

Seems broken one more time...
Asked help to fix it:
Help to fix "[TS] Citrus GFork"

Posted: 2021-12-18

Forget it:
the fix work always (seems i need to be logged...for that ?)

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