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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2023-03-05

hi bro, example link
this link redirecting and stays at the same point.

original shortlink
but it stuck in the middle..

Posted: 2023-03-07

in firefox browser no issue , i don't know why in chrome just looping and no logs of error , so this time i don't have idea to fix it

Posted: 2023-03-08


'use strict'
BloggerPemula('', 'link', '');


function when(domain, callback, ...arguments) {
const re_domain = new RegExp(domain)
if (!re_domain.test( return;
// if ( in cfg) {
// return setTimeout(callback.bind(arguments), cfg[] * 1000);
// }
return callback(arguments);

function BloggerPemula1(url) {
if (!url) return;
const link = url.replace(/\$(.*)/, (_, p) => searchParams.get(p) || _);
if (link === url) return;
when(location.href, redirect, link);
when('', BloggerPemula1, '$link');

from my tests it works in chrome and firefox

Posted: 2023-03-08

Así lo tengo yo en mi script BloggerPemula:

case '': _go(); break; (Esto lo tienes bien)
case '': crear_link('' + h.searchParams.get('link')); break; (La función BloggerPemula lo cambias por meta)
case '': referrer(''); break; (Aquí agregas el referrer, tu sabes como)

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