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Posted: 2021-08-26
Edited: 2021-08-26


I'm no expert but it seems the script works because of local Youtube variables (yt.config_.EXPERIMENT_FLAGS.kevlar_updated_logo_icons etc)

So if Youtube change the variables or simply remove them, the script will no longer work right ? :/ Do you think you could make a permanent fix ?

Posted: 2021-08-26

A permanent fix would be possible, but would require extensive external css to do so. Had if the flags been removed by YouTube themselves, the next approach would be to replace them with a custom css that loads the buttons from a seperate spritesheet.

Posted: 2021-09-09

This guy had made an another approach:
It doesn't work for me (I have tons of scripts running that changes the appearance of YT...) but the concept is good.
Yours one works for me.

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