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This script auto performs a few checks daily to notify you when specific anime/manga entries gets approved or denied.

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Now you can easily know when the entries you are waiting to be approved gets approved or denied!

The script automatically performs checks every 3 hours.
There's no limit in the amount of entries that the script can check! (The script can auto check 1000 entries or more at once and every 3 hours!)
*When an entry is denied the entry gets deleted, and the entry page just shows an "404 Not Found This page doesn't exist." error message.

The script will show a notification for you when 1 or more entries that you are interested in gets approved/denied, click on the notification to either open or copy all approved entries links.

When you open an unapproved entry on MAL the script will replace the "Add" button with the "Notify when approved!" text, click on this button to get notified when the entry gets approved/denied.
If an unapproved entry page is opened and the script is already checking if the entry is or not approved, the script will show the text "Already waiting for Approval" instead of showing the text "Notify when approved".

*Visit and and click on the button "Show only script entries" to be able to see the titles that you are currently waiting to be approved and that the script is checking for approval every 3 hours
*You can choose if you want to be notified when all new Hentai Anime entries are approved/denied. (Hentai Manga entries support may only be added upon request of this script users)
*Every 3 hours newly submitted Hentai Animes will be added to the script check list and have their statuses checked. (If you chose to be notified when all new Hentai Anime entries are approved/denied)
*Make sure go to go your browser settings and enable both popups and notifications for the MAL website