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Benjamin Philipp
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Get download (source) links for Vimeo videos

This is just a script that gets and conveniently inserts the source links for Vimeo videos (as suggested here).

Play them directly or download them via right click -> Save Link As... or similar.

This should work with both videos on the Vimeo website and embedded videos, both listed and unlisted. If it doesn't, let me know.

Q and A

Q: Can I convert to a different quality or format (like .mp3)?
A: No, that's not what this is. I'm simply getting the source links the Vimeo config script provides.
I wrote this specifically to avoid conversion/re-encoding.

Q: It's broken! WTF? 😩
A: This may be down to many things (A change on Vimeo's side, some version incompatibility, a use case I hadn't tested, etc)
Also, This only works when Vimeo provides a "progressive file list" in the config script. Some configs might only expose DASH or HLS streaming (Direct downloads may not be possible, use downloaders like Youtube-DL for these cases)
First things first:

  • Have you checked for updates?
  • Drop me a comment with the following info:
    • The URL in question
    • Name and version of your UserScript extension
    • Name and version of your browser ...and I'll try to improve this script.

Q: Platypuses don't have nipples. Are they birds? Maybe marsupials?
A: Good question! They're neither, they're really actual mammals (monotremes, to be more precise).
While they do have a bird like bill and lay eggs, they do suckle their young once they hatch.
They "sweat" their milk through their skin, basically.
Mammory glands are really just modified sweat glands, anyway.
I'm glad you asked, good thing we cleared that up! 😊