Selection and Copying Restorer (Universal)

Unlock right-click, remove restrictions on copy, cut, select text, right-click menu, text copying, text selection, image right-click, and enhance functionality: Alt key hyperlink text selection.

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Posted: 2023-05-10

I testing your script...

1 - On your example [Unselectable text using css and js hack]:

How to copy the text/link ?

2 - Your example (Copy give "good bye":
Is terrific :-)
and your script work well

3 - for example [This section can be selected or copied...Apple2] :
I don't see any difference with/without your script
I can always select/copy text.

4 - for example [Unselectable text]:
It's really unselectable.
And i don't see, with your script, how to do...

5 - for this site CSS Formatter:
Work well !
But i don't understand why they prevent copy ?
And their results is not so beautiful.

Waterfox Classic
Greasemonkey 3.16

Posted: 2023-05-10

Hi. It's really long time no see.

After testing, I found that my script might not work with Firefox very well.
Might be I did not consider those Firefox css rules before.

Might some days fix them for Firefox.

Posted: 2023-05-10
Edited: 2023-05-10

I would suggest you to test it on the real websites.

Sample URLs for your testing: (refer to jsFiddle#dgj5es6m) (enhanced feature - force enable Alt text selection) (right click on flickr image) *Hover on Image (alt text selection) *Enhanced build-in Alt Text Selection

I think those testing links I created in jsfiddle are too unrealistic. Just ignore them.

Posted: 2023-05-10

I have tested them before posting:
Its a a good idea to put test links.
After testing them, i don't see very well if the actions of your script
is very different from other like your.
So i tested your example...
Anyway i keep it in case i need copy or react with something i need ...

Posted: 2023-05-11

Fixed some compatibility issues with Firefox.

It would be better if you find a browser that prevents your copying and you want this script works for that website.

Posted: 2023-05-11


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