Openings/Endings Enhancer - MAL

Click on the Play button to watch and listen the FULL OP/END directly on MAL! Click on the OP/END music number to search for the music title on youtube on a new tab.

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The script can play the FULL opening/ending videos directly on MAL!
MAL also kind of copied my idea for this script, but MAL only lets you listen to 30 or less seconds of the op/end while with this script you can listen to the FULL OP/END and also watch and download the OP/END

Now it's also easier to search for openings and endings on YouTube!

*The script will only be executed if there's at least 1 op/end listed on the page.
*You can download or play the OP/END videos on the picture-in-picture mode!
*In case the API has Alternative or more Videos than what MAL has listed, the script creates a list named "Alternative Themes" with possible Ops/Ends that MAL are missing and/or Alternative Videos.
*You can see the video music title when you hover the play button, use this feature to make sure you are watching the video that corresponds to the mal music text title.

*If you want to understand a bit more about how the API the script uses "works" and why sometimes a few ops/ends don't have the play button read this (Feel free to post any bug reports, recommendations, improvements, suggestions or something else on this topic I made)

*The script has been created by me (hacker09), and I now give ShaggyZE the right to update this script only to make it work by doing minor modifications, like fixing selectors and the API URL, as he has been anonymously already doing. I will personally and continuously check for improvements, issues, and updates on this script often as well.