ProutexMacro v4 {Leading Macro 2021}

Read the description in GreasyFork!

As of 2021-05-07. See the latest version.

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key-[ J ] Responsible for the function switch!
When you turn it on, an inscription will appear in the upper-left corner!
When you are enabled, you can click the left or right mouse button!
And they will wear hats! <=[ Left ] responsible for: BullHelmet+SpikeGear+TurretGear+SoldierHelmet=>
<=[ Right ] responsible for: SamuraiArmor+TankGear+SoldierHelmet=>


  • 1. Menu.
    To open the menu, click on the text (ProutexMacro)! To close it, click on any place on your screen except the menu!
  • 2. Remove all hats and accessories. Press - ( B )
  • 3. AutoReload.
    The page will automatically reload when it crashes.
  • 4. Big Store.
    The store has become much bigger!
  • 5. Pro Map.
    The map shows all the biomes!
  • 6. Show your cps.
    Shows your CPS when clicked!


I changed the color of the health bars! Now they are semi-transparent!
Made the soldier-Q switch now you need to click on [ H ] to turn it on!
Now you can hide the leaderboard on [ K ] . When you press the [ K ] button again, the leaderboard will appear again!
When you press [ Y ], there will be a BullTick!
Bulltick is when a bull helmet hat appears, and when it hits you, your shame counter resets after taking 5 points of damage!
Start Resource.
key-[ Up-Arrow ] Automatically sends a request to the very first clan in the list;
key-[ Q ] SoldierHelmet+XWings; --- (There will be a switch in v3! Since this is not always necessary!)
key-[ R ] BullHelmet+BloodWings;
key-[ T ] SoldierHelmet+XWings;
key-[ Z ] TankGear+BlackWings;
key-[ Shift ] Booster+Tail;

I removed the unnecessary elements! If you need them, you can return them! I wrote instructions in the code!

v2 Remove::
I removed the "LeftAndRightClick: Off" radio button.
Now when you disable this feature, nothing will happen.
BUT I left the text when turning on!
When enabled, it will be "LeftAndRightClick: On".

v3 Remove::