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Highlight favourite fandoms in user page

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Make your favourite fandoms easy to see when visiting a user's dashboard. Choose any combination of the following:

  • mark as bold
  • highlight with a single colour
  • highlight specific fandoms with custom colours, overriding the default colour (e.g. "The Hobbit", "Indiana Jones", "Naruto")

1. Setting up

Install this and the separate config script here. Go to another user's page ( and check that both are enabled in your script manager.

Edit the configuration file in your script manager to set up your fandoms and preferences. The CONFIG script will not change when the main script updates, so your custom settings will be safe. Backing up your config to a text file is still always a good idea!

2. Formatting

You can add a fandom to the custom highlighting list without taking it off the main list, e.g.:

 fandomsToHighlight: ["Original Work", "Critical Role", "Harry Potter", "Naruto", "Scooby Doo"]
 fandomsInColour: {"Naruto":"orange"}

shows "Naruto" highlighted in orange.

At the top of the CONFIG file, change the following line to your own username: @exclude http*://* This will disable highlighting on your own dashboard.

3. Adding fandoms - tips

The search matches any string which contains the text in quotes:

"Sherlock" matches "Sherlock (BBC)", "Sherlock Holmes" and "Young Sherlock Holmes",

Use regular expressions such as "^" (string start) and "$" (string end) for more control:

"^Sherlock" matches "Sherlock Holmes" but not "Young Sherlock Holmes"

"^Star Trek$" matches only "Star Trek", not "Star Trek: The Original Series"

The "." wildcard will match any single character:

"Scooby.Doo" matches "Scooby Doo" and "Scooby-Doo"

When adding fandoms to the list, take care to escape the following special characters with a backslash "\":

. + * ? ^ $ { } | \

e.g. for House M.D. write "House M\.D\."

Parentheses and brackets ()[] must be escaped with a double backslash "\". Alternatively, use the wildcard ".": for "The Avengers (Marvel)" write "The Avengers \\(Marvel\\) or "The Avengers .Marvel."

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