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This mod is not bad, its just ok. To know the controls, look in the description! Enjoy :>

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Review: OK - script works, but has bugs

Posted: 2021-07-29

good mod but i am having issues with some of the spike traps not working such as spikes plus boost pad and 4 spikes, they often go invisible and dont work, as well as the insta not working and bows and muskets not working right

Posted: 2021-07-29

Hello Pob bob 2b 2t,
Thanks for the feedback!
The boost+spike and 4 spikes dont work if you actived 360 hit.
I maked i little instruction how to make insta, but i explain it again. Hold your muskeu or bow 2-3 sec in your hand. Than choose your primary weapon. Than press R. In the case that the insta works and the enemy is still alive, your enemy just have a good heal.
Do you mean with 'bows and muskets' bow insta?
I am going to work on the bow insta.
Hope i could help you! :D

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