Script that adds useful features to the game.

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The script adds new features to the game:
- Enabling transparent viruses.
- Disabling the grid on the map.
- Changing custom cells color.
- Changing your own skin.
- Seeing your own skin set in the script while "No skins" option is enabled.
- Changed menu appearance to dark.
- Virus splitting counter (displaying on viruses the number of shots needed to split them).
- Splitted cells counter in the upper left corner of the screen.
- Hiding only your nickname.
- Showing red viruses mass.
- Panel allowing to set custom keybindings - splitting, ejecting, movement and many more, including possibility to change keys set by default by the game - space, q, w, e.
- Panel that allows you to block users in the chat, after blocking their messages will not be displayed.
- A panel that allows you to create a list of accounts and quickly switch between them (account manager).

All of the above functions can be configured in an additional menu that can be opened from the button located in the main menu of the game (red button with plus sign icon). The status of the options in the General panel is automatically saved after changing the options, while in the rest of the panels you have to click the "Save" button to save the settings.

Other smaller improvements that are added by script and are not in the additional menu:
- Unlimited zoom even when playing without an account or not having premium.
- Changed character limit in text field for sending chat messages.
- Improved message display in battle mode lobbies.
- Improved interface style.