Decklog To Tabletop simulator script

Download TCG card from Decklog and import to Tabletop simulator as deck item

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Here is a guide for how to use it. (Check here for the original guide for TTS WS)

First, download Tampermonkey from google chrome web store /// Firefox addon
Then download my Script from here. Click Install.
Go back to the Extension setting on the top right, click dashboard. go to setting.
The default Config mode is Novice, set it to advanced.
then find download beta bellow, change the setting from default to browser API. REMEMBER to SAVE it.
Now the script is ready for action. You just have to use deck log decklog.bushiroad to finish your deck then a button will ready for you to down the deck.
you may encounter this screen in your first run, check always allow then it is all good.
If the script run perfectly it should look like this.
Becaful sometimes when the deck log website is losing slowly it may result a bug in the script. You will just need to reflash the site to let the script run it again. Make sure the Climax card is in upright position before process to the next step.
Everythings looks good. Now you can Press the Get Lua Code button. The website will let you know the lua code is finished and will automatically copy to your clipboard.
Now you can go back to the game. Create a Room with singleplayer or Mutiplayer
Go to the Modding tab and then scripting.
Choose all, then replace all the code that you just copy with the script into the coding area.
(Ctrl-A>Ctrl-V). Then press save and play and close the window.
your deck now is imported into the game. Before playing with your friend remember to save it as an object so you don't have to use the script every time.

Todo feature:

import with card description

For other TCG game

For English WS ? (this script originally develop for JP card, If there is a large player base to play WS on PC/TTS I may consider porting it for the EN WS. I know u/IanTCG already made one, but sadly I am unable to use his tool for the JP card so I made my own, and I love mine can just spawn it with a code anyway :P, really thankful for him for the idea for TTS scripting for WS anyway :)

This script was originally developed as just a picture downloader. But at the end I overkill it and made it a one-click netdeck importer. I am hoping with tool like this it will lower the difficulty for new player to join the game. So I also create discord for TTS WS player. come join my discord if you got any suggestions for the script, need help, or just looking for player.

Thank you for reading this guide, I have been writing this script for almost a full week. Hope this script can help your way in playing WS. If you love this script and want to support me feel free to buy me a coffee here.