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You can extract and download pictures in batches on most websites.Right Click-tampermonkey-Image Downloader(or alt+w),use in this order.(currently only suitable for tampermonkey and chrome,others have not tried it)

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Right-click, select the "tampermonkey" option, then select "Image Downloader", and then select "Open Script", or directly use the shortcut key "alt+w" to extract pictures from almost all websites. (Currently tried the petals, qianku, b station, youtube, and

Currently only suitable for the combination of chrome+tampermonkey, other combinations are likely to have problems, because the adaptation is too troublesome, and there is no plan to adapt to other combinations for the time being.
Note: Please try to bring the website and specific URL for feedback, because the strategy of each website is different, the script is embedded in the website, and the website strategy is different, which may affect the operation of the script.

Version record:
1.02-Added select all, after checking select all, press the download button, you can download all the currently extracted pictures with one click
1.11-Add a direct download button and a view button
1.20-Modify the big picture button to select pictures, and add the function of selecting multiple pictures and downloading them together as needed
1.22--Fixed the problem that the website could not extract pictures. Now you can extract book pictures from the text page. The other pages have not been changed, and it is estimated that it is not necessary. I will talk about it next time I have time.
1.28-Add the function of filtering by width and height
1.29--Petal webp format pictures are modified to png format by default
1.50--Fixed the problem that only a dozen and not all pictures can be downloaded when downloading
1.58--The right-click menu selection path is changed to tampermonkey-picture selector-open script, and a keyboard shortcut is added to open the script, Alt+w