MALFunction - "Fix" ERRORS on MAL + Text AutoSaver

When MAL bugs showing ERROR messages or is blank and doesn't load the script reloads the page until MAL is successfully loaded... The script also AutoSaves any text that you are writing on MAL so that you will never again lose an UnSubmitted text!

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Usually MAL successfully loads after 5/10 times that the script reloads the page.

The script auto clicks on the "Submit" button when the ERROR "Submit to prove you are not a bot" blue screen shows up. The script reloads the blue page every 15 secs and reclicks in the Submit button till this page disappears, MAL is so much bugged that sometimes doesn't recognize when the Submit button allowed access and MAL doesn't reload the page, that's why the script reloads this page every 15 secs.

The script also sets a max font-size of 1000% to fix pages that users are exploiting by writing texts that are too big and thus making pages unreadable. This bug was reported here

The script reloads the page ONLY when mal shows the following error messages:
"ERROR: The request could not be satisfied".
"504 Gateway Time-out".
"400 Invalid recaptcha".
"500 Internal ERROR".
"400 Bad Request".
100% Blank pages.

Use this script if you want to quickly recover texts when/if you accidentally closed/reloaded the browser/tab.
MAL bugs at random times so having a script auto saving what you write will help you a lot!

To recover the text that you were writing:

1 Re-Open the page
2 Click on the text box that you want the script to re-add the text you was writing (DO NOT press any letters/symbols/numbers on your keyboard)
3 Middle click anywhere
4 DONE! The text that you were writing was recovered and is on the text box now!