AniList High-Contrast Dark-Theme

Adjusts the dark-theme to have higher contrast and more tweaks.

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AniList High-Contrast Dark-Theme

Changelog at the bottom

Did a major overhaul of the default dark-theme on AniList to improve accessibility. Fixed how most of it suffers from poor contrast. I also adjusted some code from this theme for some additional visual enhancements.

I will be updating this as I notice problems. For now, it seems to me like it's working well in most cases. It could easily clash with custom profile colours tho, but that could be the case regardless of whether you use this theme or not.


1.0.0 - Released

1.0.1 - Fixed navbar not disappearing when scrolling

1.1.0 - Adjusted the scrollbar to integrate better with the look and be slimmer

1.1.1 - Fixed an issue with the quick-add-to-list dropdown on media pages having white text on a white background

1.1.2 - Fixed an issue with the watching/reading status from the advanced entry editor - I accidentally deleted the closing bracket at the end which broke the plugin. Should be fixed now.

1.1.3 - Apparently I can't have that many numbers in my version, so I had to change it to 1.1.3 instead of

Known Issues

  • Some text elements still don't contrast well. These are mostly static elements though, so they're not necessarily the most urgent ones to fix
  • Calendar is still white-themed
  • Any pages that don't use site-wide colours (those that aren't affected by the dark-theme normally) are still white-themed. This includes the data submission manual
  • The GraphiQL interactive editor is still white-themed.
  • I want to increase font-sizes to make it more accessible. This theme is accessibility-focused in general.

If any of these issues are really annoying to you, message me on my profile