DevTools Anti-Detector

Simple tool to temporarily prevent site from using popular methods of DevTools detection. Do not leave enabled!

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Posted: 2018-04-29

DevTools Anti-Detector: More infos ?

Your script seems interesting. Can you add more explanations and user case / test links in your description ? PS, I found: Detect when “Inspect Element” is open [stackoverflow] It's about this site (which talk about reverse engineering,hacks, etc...)

Lain inVerseAuthor
Posted: 2018-04-29

Right now this script disables only one specific case. In particular when site replaces "toString" function of a RegExp with a script which triggers detector and then prints it into console over and over in the background. All prints to console are ignored as long as console is closed, but as soon as it's opened that custom toString is used instead of a proper one. uses similar trick as I understand and a lot more. I just decoded actual page source from loader.js. Will look into it later. Author did a nice job of encrypting page source as tabs and spaces in a script.

Posted: 2019-09-08

Thanks for the info! Sorry for the late reply ( the notification in the forum not work)

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