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UserScript that revamps DuckDuckGo to make it look more Apple-ish

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So Apple's been recently on the news for reportedly working on an alternative to Google Search. Right now the best alternative to Google is, in my opinion DuckDuckGo as it ensures privacy along handful features such as widgets and quick information panels. I have made this UserScrip that you can use with Tampermonkey (or Userscripts extension for macOS Safari) to install it. It revamps the DuckDuckGo interface and makes it look more Appleish.

To Do:
- Update Apple Search icon as dark theme is enabled (if someone knows how to do it hmu)
- Integrate a Siri-like interface for quick search items
- Add a menu with Apple Services (and other websites) like the Google one
- And much more...

Keep in mind that Userscripts on Safari don't work quite as well as they do on Firefox and Chromium based browsers. For example, the favicon will not change unless you replace the cached DuckDuckGo icon on finder. (You can replace the icon located on ~/Library/Safari/Favicon Cache/favicons: QuickLook through the items and locate the DuckDuckGo one, download the icon:, rename the file with the same name as the DuckDuckGo icon you located and move it to the folder. Restart Safari and now you should see an updated icon.)
That being said, I highly recommend using Safari as it's the only bowser that ensures privacy through search results and websites.

If you would like to see other features don't hesitate to tell me.