Mangadex Plus

Adds extra features to Mangadex. These include: Custom Folders for Manga, Start & Continue Reading Button, Mark all Chapters as read/unread Button, Automatic Chapter Preloading & more to come!

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This Userscript was initially only meant to add Folders to Mangadex since that is something I personally really wanted. But as time went on I added all sorts of stuff to this script. Later I decided I wanted to make this Userscript public since a lot of people seem to also want Folders and some other stuff and decided to make It look a little more presentable and uploaded It here.

The stuff this Userscript currently provides is as follows.
- Folders (You can create unlimited custom folders and add manga to It)
- Automatic Chapter Preloading (If you are a logged In user and go into the reader this will automatically trigger whole chapter preloading. This feature can be disabled in the Options menu of the script)
- Start reading button + Continue Reading Button (Buttons that when clicked will automatically take you to the first uploaded English chapter of the manga you are currently at and take you to the first newest chapter (based on the read/unread status) respecively)
- Marking all chapters as read/unread (A button that will mark all chapters as read or unread depending on the choice clicked.)

I am planning to improve the script in the future and add features whenever I feel like It or If they are requested.
I also know I'm not perfect so If you do encounter any bugs/mistakes/typos please report them and I'll do my best to fix them ASAP.
This Userscript was created in and for Mangadex Dark Theme so If you encounter any visual mistakes please report them. It was also only meant for PC with monitor dimensions of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Any other dimensions may or may not cause visual mistakes.

If you have any suggestions, requests, or comments please post them here! :)