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Auto search for movie/series on torrent, usenet, ddl, subtitles, streaming, predb and other sites. Adds links to IMDb pages from hundreds various sites. Adds movies/series to Radarr/Sonarr. Adds external ratings from Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, Letterboxd, Douban, Allocine, MyAnimeList, AniList. Media Server indicators for Plex, Jellyfin, Emby. Dark theme/style for Reference View. Adds/Removes to/from Trakt's watchlist. Removes ads.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2024-04-24

Maybe this a bug? Click on the settings re-directed to Comando4K

Hello Catspinnerm
this happend when i updated the script v20.1.4 to latest v20.1.17
anyway i found this works solution temporarily after I removed these lines

{ 'name': 'Comando4K',
'icon': '',
'searchUrl': '"%search_string_orig%"',
'loggedOutRegex': /Cloudflare|Ray ID/,
'matchRegex': /Nenhum Arquivo Encontrado/,
'both': true},


Posted: 2024-04-24
Edited: 2024-04-24

> Maybe this a bug? Click on the settings re-directed to Comando4K

Are you sure? I can't see how that could be, that's impossible. Some site config and Settings opening has nothing in common and there would be many reports if there was such bug.

But I see that the site config needs to be updated because it redirects to new URL -, probably you meant that.

Posted: 2024-04-24
Edited: 2024-04-24

Oh .. i did not notice that the link is a little different, but now when I replaced it, the problem completely disappeared and YES it works correctly
Which means only needed to update that the link

"Unnecessary now after we knew the solution" but this just approve what was about my problem
Browser: FireFox 125.0.2 64-bit

Thank you very much & I apologize for the inconvenience today :)

Posted: 2024-04-24

That's weird bug, I have no idea how that can happen.
When you open settings it shows icons for the sites, some icons are external and for Comando4K it's external too.. but why in the hell the tab opens to it...

Maybe it's some bug coming from the other plugin, could you do test with replacing "" back and try to disable all other plugins, leave only Tampermonkey?

And I see some userscript is running in Tampermonkey when Commando site opens, look what script that is and try to disable it too.

Thanks for the report.

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