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Auto search for movie/series on torrent, usenet, ddl, subtitles, streaming, predb and other sites. Adds links to IMDb pages from hundreds various sites. Adds movies/series to Radarr/Sonarr. Adds external ratings from Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, Letterboxd, Douban, Allocine, MyAnimeList, AniList. Media Server indicators for Plex, Jellyfin, Emby. Dark theme/style for Reference View. Adds/Removes to/from Trakt's watchlist. Removes ads.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2023-04-09

Excellent script! I use it frequently and love how easy it is to add my own tweaks. Would love to see you add Invidious in the section "Icon sites (no search)” or wherever you think it'll fit.

Website: Invidious Summary of Invidious: Invidious is a website that lets you watch YouTube videos without ads and tracking by Google. It's privacy-friendly and offers features like video downloads and access to video descriptions and related videos.

Example of what I added to your script that works flawlessly:

  {   'name': 'invidious',
      'icon': '',
      'searchUrl': '"%search_string%"+%year%+trailer'}

Thanks for your hard work!

Posted: 2023-04-09

You can add the sites yourself at GitHub ->

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