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Review: Bad - script does not work

In https://www.imdb.com/, this script works badly, leading to image color distortion.
是的,使用这个脚本可能会导致颜色失真(你看到了这个效果说明这个脚本是有效的,只是在某些网站上表现不太好)。因为护眼是让所有的颜色叠加了一个很淡的绿色来实现的。 后面会考虑添加白名单功能,忽略某些网站。
Yes, use this script may result in color distortion ( You see the effect that the script is valid, just not too great on some sites ).Because the Eye-protection is all a very pale green color overlay to achieve. We'll consider adding the White List feature, ignoring certain Web sites.

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