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Review: Good - script works

Polyfill "Super_preloaderPlus_one" script :

What it does ?

I see you working hard on your script:
It became better at each new version

The address of one of the working script examples is here: SuperpreloaderPlusone_New.

It's a script that transforms a page into a sort of waterfall. You can automatically load the next page below the current page without turning the page.

Ho sorry, Yes, i know it.
Bur i wanted to know why you need "Polyfill" it...

Because of a request from a user: here.

Maybe I was a little sloppy in the update log, it's about making the script work with Super_preloaderPlus_one.

My question don't rely directly to your script.

Do you use "Super_preloaderPlus_one."?
I ask that because i have a problem with it when i open Greasyfork.
I can't find a good rule for infinite scroll for the site (after its recent changes).

Have you the same problem?
Can you drop an eyes to my test?

Read my request - with test links:
ADD a new rule for Greasyfork forum ?

It sounds weird, I tested it again, this script works fine with me.

Thanks for the test.

No problem with these links ,:
A - in forum:
A screenshot (with my userstyles enable because the problem is more visible)

B - in script list (no pagination, but result duplicate twice):

If it work for you, what's your settings ?
OK - i retested seems a problem with [TS] Citrus GFork:

Only in Chrome, if i disable [TS] Citrus GFork:
No gosht results.
But In Firefox (without userscripts enable) the problem is always here ...
It load this ghost result...

But the author don't take care of it actualy (the script is not visible in its script list):
Development has been halted till further notice, due to personal issues. Thank you for your understanding.

I can't select with CSS this false result container.
The only way should to detect pagination:
if no pagination, it should not be another results container...
Maybe with javacript ?
An idea ?

This is my settings:

I found that the same problem would occur if I chose the option in the red box.

As for the inability to use the CSS selector, probably because the context is at the top level, the result is an iframe.

The problem to matching something with CSS related to pagination or not:

In discussions list page, this the selector for pagination:
body .width-constraint .sidebarred .pagination

But with that, i can't make something like:
body .width-constraint .sidebarred .pagination ~ .width-constraint

For script list, it should be possible:
body #script-table + .pagination ~ .width-constraint

Anyway thanks for testing!

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