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Bypass FileCrypt and get the original link! Try this version first. If Bypass FileCrypt shows a "2" in the page and doesn't redirect to the final page, then remove this script and try Bypass FileCrypt (XHR) instead.

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Posted: 2023-11-30

I'm still getting captchas, what does it bypass actually?

Posted: 2023-11-30

Hi, captchas are not bypassed by this script.
The script bypasses the links that are loaded inside iframes, so that you can easily see the actual page address of the file host (mainly Easybytez links).
It also retrieves, for the links that include a Click'n'Load button, the list of all the links to download the files, even if you don't have JDownloader installed.
On your link, after solving the captcha, you should see the links as in the screenshot.

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