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A way to toggle the WaybackMachine's toolbar

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When browsing archived pages on archive.org, the site is meddling with the page margins and padding, and displaying its toolbar over the page. This toolbar, most of the time, hides parts of the header/menus of the page. The toolbar disappears when javascript is disabled for archive.org, but margins and padding values can become messiers, hiding parts of the original page. Also, many sites need javascript to be displayed properly. The toolbar can be closed by clicking the appropriate icon, but disappears forever (until reloading). And, once again, margins and padding keep their wrong values.

This userscript allows the user to set the toolbar in a "toggle" mode: always masked, and displayed when the mouse is moved over the top of the tab's viewport. Margins and padding are restored to the original values when the toolbar is put in this mode.

As a safeguard in case this script breaks a page (it shouldn't), the "toggle" mode is only activated when double-clicking an empty space in the toolbar (whitespace either on the right or on the left between the logo and the capture infos). Moving the mouse at the top of the page's viewport should display the toolbar. If it doesn't, it means that an element of the page, usually the header or a fixed element, is in front of the toolbar. Maintain both ctrl and alt keys down while moving the mouse (at the top). When the toolbar reappears, release the keys. It stays visible as long as the mouse is over it.

New in version 0.6.1 (2020-05-06): Once the toolbar is in "toggle" mode, you can click its "close" icon - if it is green - and the toolbar will disappear until you use the "ctrl and alt" trick. If the button is gray it means that the userscript won't be able to respawn it.


  • #1: a copy of my programming page without javascript. Transparency added to show hidden content due to modified margins.
  • #2: with javascript and the toolbar. Margins are still incorrect.
  • #3: the toolbar in "float" mode. The mouse moved over it to make it visible, the margins are finally correct.

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