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Web player controls and volume reduction to 15%

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2020-04-27


thank you for writing this

Posted: 2020-06-06

you're welcome motivated me to update the script

Posted: 2020-08-28
Edited: 2020-08-28

Possible add support version - where we have arrows ("big player"):

https://www.tiktok.com/music/Go-Bananas-6758968635772897281?language=en&lang=en - no possible open via direct url that materials with "big player"


Posted: 2020-09-29

i wanted to do this before, but i didn't know how
months later, after messing with some other scripts, now i know

update the script to version 3.0
should work for all pages and be more efficient
no longe uses jquery

Posted: 2021-10-10
Edited: 2021-10-10

TikTok something changed or script works bad in Tampermonkey (so I must back to ViolentMonkey):


Posted: 2022-01-18

Having issues now. The page seems stretched out horizontally (videos look weird, people's profiles actually show more videos per line than before) and scrolling doesn't work right.

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