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Add direct links to the picture to the Google Image Search results.

Benjamin Philipp
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Ugly adaptation for the way Google handles image URLs right now :(
(Might be different for you - if the older version still works, try

The real URLs are only loaded by Google once you click on an image. I haven't been able to stop the details view to open upon click (and I'd rather not force it to stay hidden completely)
So when you click on the arrow, the script triggers a click on the image and wait for the URL to load. As soon as we find it, it opens in a new tab.

If you can decouple the "getting link" part from the "opening details view" part, let me know!!! (I can't see through the minimized entangled mess of the actual google functions)


Click on the arrow that should appear on top of the images on the result page (see image below)
Configure via the TamperMonkey menu (see image below)


2.4.0 (2022-02-15)

  • Added settings dialog: Find it under the script's name in the TamperMonkey extension menu (Thanks to GM_config)
  • Added option to open links in a new tab by default (defaults to true)

2.3.1 (2021-09-27)

  • Improved compatibility with older browsers

2.3 (2021-09-27)

  • Addressed current problem with Google's enforcing of Trusted-Types. Seems to work for now, but is subject to change.
  • Removed dependency on jQuery, because TamperMonkey fails when trying to inject @require dependencies on pages which have a restrictive Trusted-Types policy
  • Filed a bug report on TamperMonkey:

2.2 (2021-01-27)

  • Added new element selector for image links matching some new version of the results page
  • Moved selector variable to the top for easy access

2.1 (2021-01-12)

  • Show whole pictures on hover if they were visually cropped (what the hell, google?)
  • Open in new tab if CTRL is pressed on click, otherwise in the same tab.