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Restore google search results to older style with green link below title instead of link above title. Just tweaks the CSS and does some dynamic JS reordering of the DIVs.

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Posted: 2020-10-24

I never understand why, whether it be here or on Github, software devs are both willing to spend the staggering amount of time slogging through tedious process of creating functional code/programs/etc., having the desire to publish it freely to be of use to others, yet decline to actually describe the thing I *assume* they'd enjoy knowing is put to good use elsewhere. YES,I KNOW DEVS FREELY OFFERING THE PRODUCTS OF THEIR LABOR AT NO COST HAVE NO OBLIGATION. It just puzzles me, especially here with lotsa reviews, & but noone feels like describing what the merits are; which would fill the previous gap thoroughly, also akin to Github. Both of these places make me so crazy just from wanting just a modest sprinkling of a "power user" skillset while being someone who has long since concluded that my attempts at programming language/syntax understanding/competence are painful exercises in futility & think there's better ways for me to waste time which lack those qualities. /Rant

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