Youtube Automatic BS Skip

A script to deal with the automatic skipping of fixed length intros/outros for your favourite Youtube channels.

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Youtube - Automatic BS Skip (YABSS)

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Skip a set intro and outro from your favourite YouTubers.

Set a intro and outro time for your favourite YouTuber and relax as the BS is skipped automatically.

Are you tired of YouTubers spending 30 seconds at the start of their videos to thank you before they get on with the show?

What about obnoxious repetitive outros at the end of each video!

Well look no further `YouTube - Automatic BS Skip` is here to help.

Simply install this script in TamperMonkey, Navigate to a video by the offending YouTuber, Await the arrival of the YABSS control panel found just to the bottom right of the video player and marvel at your newly found powers to cut the BS when you YT and chill.

Adjust intro/outro to reasonable times for each youtube channel you watch and find what works best for you!

YABSS does not guarantee that the set intro/outro will cover all ramblings by all youtubers.


  • Now you can skip intros such as the 30 second pre video ramblings some youtubers like to do before getting to the point!
  • Green indicators on progressbar for both intro and outro!
  • New option to automatically skip to next video when a video finishes normally.
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I'm happy to work on feature requests if I think they will improve the ux

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