Sets'preview=false' on halleonard note flight viewer and adds a DL button for music.XML

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Quickens the way to get stuff from ... no need to spend money - all sheets that use the Note Flight viewer are free from now -> The preview will contain ALL pages ! Sample: click this AFTER you installed this script => now ALL pages should be available UPDATE: You'll not get ALL pages, but some more than before

-> you'll get the music.XML that's the key for your creativity the 'source code' that'll enable you to much more than just print out the sheet => please Read about 'Known Bugs'

Screenshot of sheetmusicdirect hack

So what can you do with the music.XML? -> load it in Muscore, Finale, Capella, Sibelius Guitar Pro or what even you do or will do your compositions or music sheet layouts.

  If you don't know any of these yet I promote 'Musecore' 
  it's the only one that is free & open source.

  Halleonard used Sibelius - so of course when you're also using it - you'll get most exact results.

  However to me that's open source is the only 'thing' that can really 'live'
  everybody can take part in it and contributes its little part.
  Just look how powerful Wikipedia and Linux have became!

Know BUGs:

  1.  you get still preview data but 'preview=false' makes the js-viewer Note Flight less restrictive and
    will show all data instead of just the first page.
  2.  The download XML button is not shown. 

    (I guess it's because some other stupid 'security' feature of the browser or some bug. Well I debugged it but there is no java script error - but also the DOM is not modified when the target site runs inside the Iframe. Help is welcomed. ) Workaround: Rightclick on some of the buttons on the notes sheets FireFox: This frame/open on new tab Chrome/Opera: View framesource and Edit Addressbar delete 'view-source:' so it's just open the frame. Attention check that url is like this 'nf/preview/146/'. If it is like '/nfviewer-20180301' and you just see the notesheet without buttons do this again, but ensure you right click on some of the buttons when you open the frame.

    Or open and check the browsers console - the script also outputs the Music.xml link there.


  • Instead of the userscript you may also implement this via some bookmarklet. (^-That just a normal bookmark with the only difference that instead of http: this will start with javascript: followed by some ugly long line of javascriptcode. You'll need to click this every time again so it can do it's magic)

  • for purists just watch in the network tab of ya browsers DevTools and there save it to disk.

Old news: To use userscripts like this install get & install this//