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A userscript that display links between different libraries and book stores.

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Posted: 2023-01-08
Edited: 2023-01-08

It seems their is a change for Bobigny's library site...
Recherche simple

I have added :
// @match*

But that's not sufficient.

Xpath seems to need a change too.
I try to find the good xpath, but i am not enough good for that:
my test fails too with Firefox Quantum when trying to use a tool for testing xpath,
an error message said that's not possible select by xpath because the element is in shadow DOM...

Can you drop an eye on that?

If you add a way to use CSS selector too, it should be more easy for me to test tweaks...

Tested with:
- Geasemonkey 3.16 + Waterfox Classic
- Tampermonkey + Waterfox Classic
- Tampermonkey + Firefox Quantum

Posted: 2023-02-02

I notice i need add // @include too to can use it with Waterfox Classic + Greasemonkey 3.17 (the last old one)

After update v.1.14, testing with Firefox Quantum + Tampermonkey,
This code work for Library / Bibliothèque de Bobigny

In section:
var metadata_yaml =
- "*"
type: 'XPATH'
title: "//title"
authros: "//a[contains(@class, 'ntc-link-auteur')]"

In section:
var search_yaml =

url: ""
- "fr"
- "fr-ca"
- "fr-fr"

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