Tinychat Enhancement Suite (TES)

Fixes some Tinychat room shortcomings and adds useful features.

James Koss
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Until the original author updates some very needed features, I'm sharing my own edition. This version should:

- Fix visual bugs.
- Very long messages are trimmed. Excessive newlines are removed.
- Open-mic with a middle-mouse button click on the talk button.
- Remove the PRO blur.
- Remember ignored users (after refreshing the page.)
- Remove special animations and coloring from subscriber messages.
- Add access to filters for your cam.
- Add a talking (mic) indicator for every camera.
- Keep the chat to the side, even when the screen size isn't very wide.
- Fixes letting Firefox users to download the chatlog.


- Add an option to auto-hide all new cams (similar to Kageshi mode.)
- Add a camera auto-hide users list.
- Add an option to autoban users or conversely a whitelist (only usernames.) ***
- Add an always-on autoban for newline spammers, and commonly used spam characters.
- Pressing arrow-up restores the last sent message.
- Hide special paid icons from cams.
- Add an option to move spotlight webcams back into regular webcams.
- Middle-mouse button click on cam or room volume will reduce it to 5%.
- Middle-mouse button click on cam eye button will toggle video-only visibility.

- Add a toggle button at the top of the chatbox to use TES alternative chatbox:
-- Shows PMs in the same display but highlighted and animated.
-- Send PMs from the chatbox in the format: /NICKNAME MSG
-- Reply to PMs with: /< MSG
-- Send another PM to the same user with: /> MSG
-- Replaces the input box for better display.
-- Reload chat log after a refresh.
-- Use Ctrl+Enter to create newlines.

- Typing "/clear" will empty the chat log.
- Typing "/nuke" in the chat box will kick all users.
- Typing "/unban" in the chat box will clear the banlist.
- Typing "/unban USERNAME" in the chat box will clear one matching ban for username or nickname.

- Automatically restores the last used room muted state, room volume, and each camera's muted state and volume.
- FireFox users can start all cams by clicking the chat input box. This should respect ignored cams, too.

Original: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/32964-tinychat-enhancement-suite-tes

INSTRUCTIONS FOR NEW USERS: You need to install Tampermonkey on Chrome (or FF) to run this script. Get it here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tampermonkey/dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo?hl=en

*** The banlist/whitelist can be a link to a text file with usernames separated by a newline, and it'll request loading it. Google Docs example:
- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u7NjobPsmwisKcBF3FbLaaGNxrgSBemnPWlGBIc1omE/edit?usp=sharing
- Share your doc link with anyone you want able to edit the list - but keep it private otherwise!
- Click on File -> Download -> Plain Text and copy the download URL (Ctrl-J in Chrome.)
- Paste the text download URL into the banlist/whitelist text box and save.

Thanks to Legend for helping figure out code that fends off TC bs better.

Please post in the Feedback page for issues and requests!