Publication Auto PDF

Automatically jumps to PDF when you visit a journal article abstract page. Also includes a utility to copy or download citation info.

Hate clicking "Download PDF" again and again when reading journal articles? This script is here to help. It takes you to the PDF directly whenever you visit an journal article abstract page for the first time. If you wish to see the abstract page to copy citation information, simply click the back button. You will then find a utility box on the right hand side of the abstract page that allows you to copy or download citation info. A link to Sci-Hub is also included in case your institution does not provide access to the article.

Please note that this script assumes the user has access to the journal article (e.g. access provided by your university). It will not actively bypass the limitations set by the publisher. If you are denied access by the publisher, you may use the Sci-Hub link in the utility box.

This script only runs on the abstract page of the publisher's website. It will not work with searching engines and databases. You can install some of my other scripts to navigate to the abstract page more easily, and therefore load the PDF more easily.


0.4.0: Support more publishers. Fixed bug for Elsevier. Updated Sci-Hub link.

0.3.0: The back button issue for Elsevier website has been fixed. Now you can hide the citation utility when desired.

0.2.0: The citation tool now supports BibTeX, RIS, and text citations. This function is provided by the DOI content negotiation.

Citation tool privacy notice

When you click on "Copy BibTeX", "Copy Text", or "Download RIS", a HTTPS request will be sent to to retrieve the requested information. No additional requests will be sent if you don't use any of these buttons.


What should I do if a journal is not supported?

I aim to support the most influential journals, typically those with high impact factors. However, it is impossible to support every journals in all fields. If you find a journal that is not supported, you can try to add the URL using "User Includes". Most SCI journals can be added to the script in this way. If you find a popular journal that doesn't work with this script, please post the URL of an abstract page in the feedback and I will try my best to add it to the script. You are also welcome to post a list of the popular journals in your field so that I can add it to the script.

I am using a web proxy provided by my institution. Can I get this script work with the proxy?

Yes. Just add the URL of your proxy to the "User Includes".