Export Youtube Playlist in plaintext

Shows a list of the playlist video names/channels/URLs in plaintext to be easily copied

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2023-09-11

I am not seeing the option to export the Watch Later playlist. Can you please add this function to that page?

Posted: 2023-09-27

Hmm it appears to be working fine for me on the current Firefox version (117.0.1) using Tampermonkey.

Anything else you can tell me about your situation?
Browser? Tampermonkey or another script manager? Do you see the script as active in the tampermonkey menu when on the watch later page? Are you using other add-ons that might change the YT page such that my script breaks? Any errors in the console? (F12, then select console)

Posted: 2023-10-04

Hi. The YouTube Clickbait Buster userscript was conflicting with your script. I was using Waterfox and Violentmonkey fyi.

Posted: 2023-10-05

"Fixed" compatibility with Clickbait buster.
It's kind of a quick stupid hacky solution, but it works.

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